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Composite Self-Lubricating Bushings

AST20 - Steel Shell with POM Plastic Liner - Inch and Metric

The AST20 Series Bushings from AST® are very similar to DX® brand bushings in structure and are often substituted for DX bushings providing better value. The AST20 Series Bushings are made of steel bronze powder with POM and have the following layers:

  1. POM 0.30~0.50mm, has high wear resistance and low friction even only minute quantities of lubricant are supplied, this bushing surface carries a pattern of circular indents which should be filled with grease on assembly of the bushing.
  2. Sintered bronze powder 0.20-0.35mm, provides max. thermal conductivity away from the bushing surface, also serves as a reservoir for the resin mixture.
  3. Low-carbon steel, gives exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation.
  4. Copper plating 0.002mm providing good corrosion resistance.
AST20 steel shell bushings

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Just like DX bushings, AST20 Series Bushings are suitable for rotary and oscillating movement, lower maintenance requirements due to the long re-lubrication intervals, lower wear, lower susceptibility to edge loading, no absorption of water and therefore no swelling, good dampening behaviors, and good resistance to shock loads.

The AST20 series is recommended for applications involving intermittent operation or boundary lubrication and is especially well-suited for applications where lubricant cannot be supplied continuously or repeatedly.

  • Automotive industry - with suspension joints, kingpin assemblies and stub axles of tucks, automobile driving joint hinges, steering and other linkages, articulation joints, rear chassis hinges, and fairleader rollers.  Also used in the
  • Machine tool and building industry  - with spindles for drills, grinding, and milling machines, ram guide plates in multi-ram presses. 
  • Agricultural equipment - gearbox, clutch, bale trips and wheel caster swivels for bale accumulators, front axle pivot bushings, steering idler box bushings and kingpin bushings for harvesters. 

With over 250 products to choose from, the AST20 Series bushings are further sub-categorized by the following:

  • AST20-IB Series – Inch Dimension, Straight Bushings
  • AST20-WC-IB Series – Inch Dimension, Thrust Washer Bushings
  • AST20 Series – Metric Dimension, Straight Bushings
  • AST20-WC Series – Metric Dimension, Thrust Washer Bushings
  • AST20-SP Series – Metric Dimension, Strip Bushings

AST Bearings is proudly presenting our new certificates for both the NJ and CA locations: AST Bearings’ ISO 9001:2015 Certificates

To learn more about what the ISO 9001 standard is, the differences between the 2015 and 2008 versions, and how AST verifies customer satisfaction: Learn About AST Bearings’ certification to ISO 9001:2015

Need Assistance Selecting the Proper AST20 - Steel Shell with POM Plastic Liner?

If you need help in selecting the best products for your particular application, please remember that design engineering and application assistance are available from AST as part of our value-added services designed to make your job easier.

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